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  • €149,95
Ordered before 10:00 am, delivered in the evening between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm.
9,4 - 10,0 cm maat 17 16,8 - 17,4 cm maat 28
10,1 - 10,7 cm maat 18 17,5 - 18,1 cm maat 29
10,8 - 11,5 cm maat 19 18,2 - 18,8 cm maat 30
11,6 - 12,1 cm maat 20 18,9 - 19,4 cm maat 31
12,2 - 12,6 cm maat 21 19,5 - 20,1 cm maat 32
12,7 - 13,4 cm maat 22 20,2 - 20,7 cm maat 33
13,5 - 14,1 cm maat 23 20,8 - 21,4 cm maat 34
14,2 - 14,8 cm maat 24 21,5 - 22,1 cm maat 35
14,9 - 15,4 cm maat 25 22,2 - 22,7 cm maat 36
15,5 - 16,1 cm maat 26 22,8 - 23,5 cm maat 37
16,2 - 16,7 cm maat 27 23,6 - 24,1 cm maat 38


Voeten meten

Stap 1

Zet beide blote voeten staand op een stuk papier. Zorg dat je kindje goed rechtop staat. Teken de voetomtrek.

Stap 2

Meet de afstand van de hiel tot het puntje van de grote teen, dit is de voetlengte in centimeters. Ga voor de schoenmaat altijd uit van de langste voet.

Stap 3

Kijk vervolgens in de maattabel welke maat er bij de gemeten voeglengte hoort.

Teen: Pointy Toe
Sole: Neolite
Shaft: Mid
Lining: Leather
Insole: Leather
Season: Spring/Summer 2025
Quality: Smooth Leather
Fit: True to Size
Composition: 100% Leather

Bootstock leather boots are produced in Portugal and India and are of high quality. Leather is a natural product, so it can of course happen that a limited contrast is visible, because every pair of boots is unique. To maintain the Bootstock boots as well as possible, we share the following advice below;

  1. Preferably, do not wear the same boots every day. Moisture and bacteria from your feet can accelerate wear and tear. This way you immediately have a good reason to purchase an extra pair of boots!
  2. Use boot tensioners. This way the boots cannot collapse or dent, which can cause damage. Don’t you have any boot tensioners? Then use paper. This can also absorb the excess moisture.
  3. If your boots need a treatment, clean them first with a soft brush (a stiff brush can damage the leather). You can also use a cloth or sponge with (soap) water and / or white vinegar. Make sure the boots are clean and dry before treating them.
  4. You can treat the leather with a "leather conditioner" that is available in either a liquid substance or a cream. Color-based shoe polish or cream is also available to preserve the color of the leather.
  5. Rub the conditioner in with a soft cloth or sponge. Then let it soak in well. Excess fat can be removed with a cloth. If you want to give your boots extra shine, you can polish them with a shine brush.
  6. To extend the life of the boots, an impregnation spray can be used. Impregnation is needed to make the boots dirt and moisture resistant.
  7. An anti-bacterial spray can be used to clean the inside of boots.
  8. Have you been outside and are your boots dirty? Then use a soft brush to remove excess dirt. With a small brush (like a toothbrush) you can clean the edges along the soles and the stitching on the boots.
  9. Then wipe the boots with a clean damp cloth to remove dirt and mud. Do not rinse the boots under the tap, as they will get too wet.
  10. If your boots are wet, let them dry at room temperature. Leather dries out due to heat, so do not place leather boots next to a heater, fireplace, or other heat source. Remove the insoles. You can dry the inside by putting paper in the boots, this absorbs the moisture.
  11. You can use baby wipes for suede boots to clean them or a special suede cream.
  12. Are your boots dirty and can you no longer clean them with the above tips? Use leather grease or shoe polish in a slightly darker color to hide the stains.
  13. Hopefully, your boots will look like new after these tips! Do you have a specific question about this? Let us know true our customer service!

NL & BE: Voor 15:00 besteld, morgen in huis!

Rest van EU: 1-3 werkdagen

Verzending gebeurt via DHL.

Artikelen mogen binnen 14 dagen na ontvangst geretourneerd worden. De retourkosten zijn voor eigen rekening. Bootstock is niet verantwoordelijk voor het betalen van verzendkosten wanneer bestellingen worden geretourneerd.

About Bootstock

It originated in 2020 when founder Mariska was looking for the perfect cowboy boots for her daughter. It was a difficult search. It inspired her to start designing children's boots herself and ended up at a factory that perfectly met her requirements.

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We apply strict quality standards for our Bootstock boots. Only the best craftsmen work on the production of the boots. All leather is expertly processed in our own tannery with professional equipment. Furthermore, the boots are handmade from 100% cowhide leather and feature beautiful hand-finished stitching.

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